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The Raid 2

Yes. The Raid: Redemption ranks as one of my favorite action movies of all time; and now its sequel can also be added to the list.
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Yes. It takes a while to really get going, but this horror flick excels in what matters most: unpredictability.
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Bad Words

No. Bateman is funny, as always, but even he (as star and director) cannot salvage this incredibly thin story.
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No. I respect this movie (especially the audacity that Darren Aronofsky brings to it) far more than I was actually entertained by it.
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The Monuments Men

No. This compelling true story would feel much more at home as a ’60 Minutes’ piece than as the fluffy, half-baked feature film it became.
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Yes. I wish this reboot had the same teeth (and hard ‘R’ rating) as the original, but it’s still an enjoyable reimagining with some fun, over-the-top performances.
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