A Good Day to Die Hard


The original Die Hard is often cited as the greatest action movie ever made… sooo you should probably just watch that.

See instead: Die Hard


Categories: Action, Comedy, No, R, Thriller

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  1. This movie is terrible. I just watched it and decided it was too stupid after the giant, heavily armored truck drove through a cement bridge guardrail off of a highway overpass to the crossing highway below and just kept on going. Then, later, the same giant, heavily armored truck gets pushed around by a comparatively small G.Wagen simply because the G.Wagen is driven by Bruce Willis (?). That is just the beginning of a movie with a terrible plot, terrible script and terribly unbelievable action.


  2. It’s a movie- you know, FICTION. It doesn’t have to be believable. Did you see the first 4 Die Hard movies? Did you expect something different?

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