World War Z


The quality and innovation on display in its first half outweigh the underwhelming final act… barely.


Categories: Action, Drama, Horror, PG-13, Thriller, Yes

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  1. I feel that the film was OK and had some redeeming qualities. However, they didn’t really build the character development before introducing the viewers to an onslaught of action. Why should I care more about Brad Pitt’s family then the people in the other cars around them? Dawn of the Dead (remake) at least gave a decent setup with smaller signs that something was going to go down, had better starting dialog and kept the character development going. WWZ? Not so much.

    • It’s interesting Marty, I found the film mediocre as well but for different reasons. Character development didn’t bother me as much. I actually enjoyed the opening in the sense that we were dropped in wondering ‘what the hell is going on?!’ just like they were.


      My issue was that the first two acts were fantastic (some great effects, interesting ideas, globetrotting adventure, military vs zombies as opposed to teens vs zombies) and the third act (everything post-plane)… was… well, awful. Anti-climactic, no tension, no set piece, no resolution, just disappointment. The type of stuff they show in the epilogue should have been fleshed out as an actual finale after Pitt’s finale-type moment.

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