Stylistically and thematically similar to Zodiac, this dark thriller also stars Jake Gyllenhaal (the film’s best asset) but is ultimately far less satisfying.

See instead: Zodiac


Categories: Drama, No, R, Thriller

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  1. i was about to post your website on facebook till i read your opinion about this movie. It is one of the best thrillers out there, nothing to do with zodiac. Just because it has gyllenhall acting on it and its a thriller, it doesnt mean its a copy; its by far more entertaining than zodiac which i had to watch twice since i fell asleep the first time. Prisoners left me on the edge of my seat from beggining to end. On the other hand, Jackman makes an outstanding performance from my point of view, i believe one can truly emphathize with his revengeful feelings.
    No harm intented, just giving my honest opinion!

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