Alice In Wonderland


[Yawn] All the style (and three-dimensionality) in the world doesn’t add any substance or originality to this rehash of an already over-hashed story.

See instead: Beauty and the Beast 

Categories: Family, Fantasy, No, PG

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  1. Have you ever read the Alice books? This isn’t a rehash at all. It’s an “original” story by Burton, based in the Alice universe.

    That being said…it still sucks ass and is stupid as hell.

  2. To clarify, I’d say both the plot and universe are rehashed, but independently of one another.

    The way ‘Alice’s universe’ was portrayed was in lock-step with every other iteration of the tale. So that was rehashed and not fresh in anyway.

    And the so called ‘original story’ he inserted into it said universe was the least ‘original’ story I’ve ever seen. It’s the same archetypal hero tale I’ve seen in every fantasy movie… ever.

    So yea, we can agree, it definitely was stupid.

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